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 Office & Display Models Available for Viewing Now!


-Our Fabric buildings come standard with fabric front and back walls/doors included with every building!
-Buildings can be built off a simple level pad or completed customized to your request. 

-Suitable for residential, agricultural, industrial, and commercial uses. Storage buildings are a smart way to protect your investments. Our portable buildings are quick to set up and can be easily moved to multiple locations. We have constructed them to endure some of the toughest weather conditions in Canada.

-Warranty on our buildings is up to 5 years! 

-Our cover has a life expectancy of 10+ years and will stretch tight over a few warm months. 

Our Upgrade ideas (but you surprise us everyday with requests we love doing!)


-Buildings the same width can be added together to make any length of structure. 

-Solid Metal Front and End Walls with Custom Entry and Garage doors.

-Solid Metal Side Walls

-Concrete Block Foundations

-Shipping Contaner Foundations

-Built on a Concrete or Asphalt Pad and/or Walls

-Riding Areas with Special Sand and Drainage

-Garbage Transfer Station (Including a lowered entrance for loading a semi) (Just Ideas)

-Fully Insulated and Heated Buildings 

 Our Standard Building Sizes Available








40x80x21' (Our Favourite Building)



Cover and protect cars, boats, RV’s, buses, campers, equipment, tools, materials, supplies or anything of value. Perfect for creating a sheltered work space, party, event, gathering, project, wedding, or social.

Ideal for: Agriculture, Farms, Horticulture, Salt Storage, Automobile Storage, Entertainment Tents, Events, Temporary Shelters, Outdoor Events, Film Sets, Lumber, Garage, Rain Wind Snow Cover, Structural Tent, Party Tent

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